Chatham Grammar School for Girls is a selective 11 – 19 girls school that is part of the newly established University of Kent Academies Trust (UKAT). The new Trust has two UKAT Academies, Chatham Grammar School for Girls and Brompton Academy. The opportunities through UKAT are plentiful and both schools will benefit from a range of key interventions provided by the lead sponsor, the University of Kent. These include: a shared sixth form provision, wider curriculum opportunities, excellent shared facilities, bespoke graduate and post graduate Student Ambassadors Mentoring Scheme and the unique UKAT Teacher Training programme.

At CGSG we offer our students a wide variety of stimulating and motivating opportunities to achieve outstanding academic outcomes, and develop high quality thinking, learning and communication skills and in so doing build a secure foundation for a positive and successful life. We recognise the enormous social and emotional pressures that are put on young women today, and our priority and commitment is to ensure that our students develop healthy inquisitive minds, and that academic success is achieved within a nurturing environment.

CGSG is a supportive, nurturing Academy, which fosters excellence and secures positive relationships between students and staff – our young people are happy, confident and resilient. Our goal is to ensure that our students go out into the world with the ability to deal confidently with all the experiences that come their way. CGSG students enter university and the professional work place full of passion, and with aspiration, self-belief and high self esteem of what they can achieve.

Across the Trust, we regularly train 10/15 trainees per year across a variety of providers and pride ourselves on the high quality mentoring, professional development and holistic support we offer to trainees. We have an excellent track record of employing our trainees after their training year and a significant proportion of our teaching staff is made up of people who have trained with us in the past.

CGSG is an excellent option for anyone looking to train in a Grammar setting and because of its place within UKAT, the range of opportunities we can offer trainees is extensive. Please get in contact to find out more about training with us.

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