Please look at the drop down menu for specific secondary and primary courses that we are offering.


The DFE have awarded all providers all places as requested  

If you know the school that you wish to apply for, do not delay your application. Most schools only have one place per subject and once it is filled, it is filled! WE ARE ACCEPTING PRINT-SCREENED UCAS APPLICATIONS IN ADVANCE OF THE OFFICIAL UCAS RECRUITMENT CYCLE that opens to providers 1st November

If you are unsuccessful at your chosen school, and subject to your approval, MVTP automatically forwards your application to other partner schools for their approval.

However, if you find that MVTP has completely filled its allocation of trainees at all partner schools, for some subject areas all is still not lost. Our partners at Kent and Medway Training will have a list of other partner schools looking for applicants. Subject to your approval we can pass your application over to them.

Please be aware. MVTP do not recruit during the school summer holidays. The latest date for UCAS applications to be considered for a training programme starting in Sept 2019 is Friday 12th July


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