We want to develop children who are happy, resilient and confident to give things a go. Children who are getting memorable experiences, in fantastic schools and classrooms. We can help them achieve outstanding results to set them up for the next stage in their lives by training dynamic teachers at all levels who are passionate about education and love working together!

Featherby Junior school is an excellent example of this. It has been part of Maritime Academy Trust since 2017 and as with all our schools, offers every child a great education, strong behaviour to ensure children can progress their learning and a chance to be entrepreneurial too! All Maritime schools have been transformed through targeted collaboration, innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial curriculum which equips children with leadership and life skills.

If you choose to train to teach with Maritime, we can offer:

  • Opportunities to work alongside a dedicated and experienced teacher mentor
  • Coverage of all National Curriculum subjects including the core areas of English, Maths and Science, as well as the understanding of the teaching and learning process and to develop effective classroom practice
  • Opportunities to observe, co-teach and solo teach in a supportive environment, with engaged children and the freedom to deliver a creative and exciting curriculum
  • Opportunities to work with children from a range of year groups and abilities
  • Additional support and experience within extra-curricular activities including: school trips, school clubs and big outcomes
  • Opportunities to meet and network with fellow student teachers through regular professional study sessions to support the development of reflective practice
  • Collaboration at all levels including allocated time spent with partner academies to further broaden experience and professional development.

Still wondering as to why you should want to train with us? We’ll just have to let our Maritime past students do the talking:

“School Direct is a fantastic route into teaching. The majority of the year is spent in school so you gain invaluable teaching experience. I really got to know the team and the children I worked with. By the end of the year I felt confident and ready to teach my own class in September!” – Marilyn Amato, School Direct Student

“I have enjoyed every moment as a student teacher. I have had my highs and lows, as expected, whilst building up the skills and confidence to have my own class. I have had a lot of support from a team of people, resulting in a boost in my confidence and a great relationship with my colleagues.

There are so many opportunities for career development within the school and the Trust. Thus having valuable insights from all of the schools whether it is in behaviour management, creating engaging displays, having a healthy work-life balance or discussions on curriculum content.

Most importantly to me, I am given the freedom to develop my own teaching style and receive on-going support and feedback. I put that down to the Trust schools having an ethos that supports the staff and children’s well-being and development.​”– Nina Biring-Rai, NQT






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