Below is a table showing which non- salaried courses MVTP is able to offer for 2018. For example, for Business Studies  there is one place available at Maplesden Noakes school and one at Thomas Aveling school.
To apply for the place at Maplesden, you need to complete your UCAS application. Where it asks for you to select the course that you wish to apply for you look for the Business Studies UCAS course code (2S3M) and then Maplesden Noakes campus code (M).
To apply for the course at Thomas Aveling, you select the same UCAS course code (2S3M) but the  Thomas Aveling campus code (T).
Should you be unsuccessful in your application to your chosen school, all applications for a MVTP course will automatically be considered (subject to your approval) by an alternative campus but only once a decision by your chosen school has been made.
      Course Availability      
      Fort Pitt Grammar Maplesden Noakes Oakwood Park Grammar Robert Napier Saint   Augustine Academy Saint John  Fisher School Thomas Aveling Walderslade Girls School
  UCAS CODE   Campus Code  F Campus Code M Campus Code O Campus Code R Campus Code  S Campus Code   J Campus Code T Campus Code W
SUBJECT Non- Salary   Places Places Places Places Places Places Places Places
Art and Design 267Z   N/A N/A         N/A  
Biology 2GBS   Closed Filled Closed N/A Filled  Closed Filled Closed
Business Studies 2S3M   Closed N/A   Filled     Filled  
Chemistry 2WXJ   Closed   Closed Filled Closed Closed filled  
Citizenship             Closed      
Computing 2GC4   1     Closed     Filled  
Dance 267Y     Filled     Filled   Filled  
Design and Technology 2GC6   Closed N/A         filled  
Drama 2S3S   Filled N/A Closed       Filled  
English 267M   1 Filled N/A  Filled Filled  Closed


Geography 2S3V     Closed  Closed Filled 1   Filled  
Health and Social Care 2S3W               Closed  
History 2SCF   Closed Closed   1     Filled  
Mathematics 267L   Closed Closed Filled Closed Filled Closed Closed Closed
Media Studies 2SCH               Closed  
MFL                              French 2SCJ   Closed   Filled   Filled    Closed  
MFL                              Spanish 2SCJ   Filled   Closed  1 Closed   Filled  
Music 2SCL   Closed  Filled         Filled  
PE                                     Girls 2SCM   Closed N/A     1 N/A 1  
PE                                     Boys 2SCN     Filled    Filled Filled   1  
Physics 2X58   Closed   Closed Closed Closed  Closed Closed  
Psychology 2Y96   Filled      Filled        
Religious Studies 2SCQ     Closed  Closed   Filled   Filled  
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