Below is a table showing the Salaried courses MVTP are able to offer.
To apply for the place at Maplesden, you need to complete your UCAS application. Where it asks for you to select the course that you wish to apply for you look for the English UCAS course code (2GBR) and then Maplesden Noakes campus code (M).
The reasons why MVTP schools offer so few salaried places are that for many subjects attracting a high bursary, the trainee is financailly better off following a non-salaried route. For those subjects that do not attract a bursary, it is too expensive for a school to afford a training place.
    Course Availability (subject to NCTL approval)      
      Fort Pitt Grammar Maplesden Noakes Oakwood Park Grammar Robert Napier Saint   Augustine Academy Saint John Fisher School Thomas Aveling Walderslade Girls School
  UCAS CODE   Campus Code  F Campus Code M Campus Code O Campus Code R Campus Code  S Campus Code   J Campus Code T Campus Code W
SUBJECT Salaried   Places Places Places Places Places Places Places Places
Biology 37FL           Filled      
English 2GBR     N/A            
Physics 2SCP           Closed      
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