Below is a table showing which MVTP primary schools are offering teacher training courses for September 2018.
To apply for the place at Balfour Junior School you need to complete your UCAS application. Where it asks for you to select the course that you wish to apply for you look for the Non-Salaried Primary UCAS course code (2S3H) and then Balfour Junior School campus code (B)
To apply for the course at Palace Wood, you select the same UCAS course code (2S3H) but the  Palace Wood school campus code (Q).
Should you be unsuccessful in your application to your chosen campus, all applications for a MVTP course will automatically be considered (subject to your approval) by an alternative campus but only once a decision by your chosen campus has been made.


Allington   Primary School Balfour Junior    School Palace Wood    Primary Phoenix Junior School West Borough Primary
      Campus Code A Campus Code B Campus Code Q Campus Code P Campus Code Z
SUBJECT   UCAS CODE Places Offered Places Offered Places Offered Places Offered Places Offered
Primary Salaried 2W8Y     Filled  
Primary Non-Salaried 2S3H   Filled Filled   Filled
Primary with Maths Salaried  37FN      Filled    
Primary with Maths Non-Salaried 37FM Filled   Filled  
Primary with PE  Not offered            
Primary with SEN  Not offered          
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