SD salariedThere are two School Direct routes into teaching, The non-salaried or fee paying route. This mirrors a traditional university teacher training programme and the Salaried route. This compares to the Teach First course.

Click Salaried Route for details of the course

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Click University PGCE v School Direct (non-salaried) for a comparison of courses.

Click School Direct (Salaried) v Teach First for a comparison of courses.

Click Bursaries for available funding for non-salaried courses

Click Course fees for School Direct places with MVTP

Click Brochure for copy of MVTP’s on-line School Direct Brochure

Please note: For all courses, applicants will need to have passed the Literacy and Numeracy Skills tests before commencement of your training. You need to hold a minimum of a Degree classification of 2:2, Grade C  in GCSE (or equivalent) English and Mathematics. In addition and for Primary school trainees, GCSE grade C Science is also required.

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