Schools are gradually reopening their school experience programmes.

 We strongly recommend that applicants for teaching take any opportunity to visit schools either before application or during the application process so that they can gain a real flavour of what it is like to be a teacher. At various times throughout the year, there are taster days on offer for those considering joining the profession but want to be sure that it is the right decision for them before applying, OR, for those already certain that teaching could be for them, partnership schools of MVTP promote the DFE’s School Experience Programme. By signing up to the scheme you are initially able to access a day of targeted observational training in your chosen area plus the opportunity, for those requiring an even greater experience of school life, the opportunity to have a further 9 days of continuing experience in a school environment.

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MVTP schools offer a range of secondary subject placements as well as opportunities to visit our partner primary schools. We have created a dedicated training programme that involves a variety of introductory activities that will not only give you a flavour of life as a trainee teacher but prepare you for your first days in your future teacher training course. You will have the opportunity to observe lessons and work with students, share your experience with others, meet existing trainees and those who have recently completed their course and start to identify the skills and knowledge needed for successful teaching and learning. You can use any visits such as these as evidence of “gaining experience of school life” that you will be able to quote and use in your teacher training application. Hopefully, you will be able to utilise what you have learnt form observing teachers and students in either your supporting statement in your application or even quote from it in an interview situation.

To apply for a MVTP school, just look at our partnership schools and select your chosen date. Then register your interest by completing our on-line form.

To access the DFE school experience programme, please sign up to the DFE School Experience Programme website. Once registered, you will have access to their calendar which will detail dates and venues across the country where you can visit schools. 

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