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The NON- SALARIED route is open to applicants from all walks of life from those looking for a career change to those completing their final degree year at University. Unlike the SALARIED route you do NOT need to significant experience in a school environment before application, although we would like candidates, before the course begins to have spent at least 10 days in a UK school environment, subject to current COVID restrictions. Please look at the School Experience Programme to help you with this.

This is a more gentle way into teaching and will follow, closely, the typical university style PGCE course. For a comparison of the School Direct and University routes see here.

We will gradually introduce you into solo teaching by first having the opportunities to gain basic skills through observational work and collaborative teaching. Where the school direct teacher training course differs from a traditional approach is that you have the opportunity to apply to the school at which you wish to be trained. Upon successful interview undertaken jointly by the MVTP partner school and Kent and Medway Training, you will begin your course on the first day that your school returns after the summer holidays,  giving students a “whole year” experience of teaching with a much earlier and greater emphasis placed on “practical” teaching of your subject. The majority of your training will be concentrated at your home school with a six week experience at a contrasting school being sandwiched in the Spring term.  Where possible, students successfully completing the course are likely to be offered a job at the home school.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded  Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). A QTS qualification can be upgraded, for a fee, to the full Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) should you wish. This can be taken up to two years after you have qualified and does not need to be taken during your training year.

The applicant to a non- salaried route will be able to apply for a student loan to cover course fees. Additionally, there are bursaries available in some subject areas which you can apply for. Depending on your subject area and degree qualification, this could be as much as £26,000.

Click here for “how to apply” or for more details of the Non-Salaried scheme with MVTP, please contact Andy Plank at

Email: or complete our on-line Register Training Interest form.

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