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The SALARIED route is open to candidates who can show that they have been in employment for at least three years and can demonstrated significant relevant experience in a UK school environment. This could mean that they have worked as a teaching assistant or undertaken voluntary work in a school over a significant period of time. Other applicants can be considered for a salaried position but they would need to be able to demonstrate at interview that they are ready for the “salaried” pathway.

This means that you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have the basic skills necessary to stand in front of a class, on your own, and teach a timetable from the start of your training period. In many regards the salaried route is similar to the Teach First. For a comparison of the two schemes see here.

MVTP advice is to be careful about the salaried route. This is a much more challenging route into teaching and, for those entitled to a bursary, you may be shocked at how much you could be losing out financially by taking a salary compared to a high bursary along with all of the tax benefits that come with the non-salaried route. This is why so few MVTP schools offer the salaried options into teaching.

However, for those for whom the salaried route is suitable, the course is as follows:

Your timetable, from your first day of training will already consist of solo teaching, sometimes as much as 60% of the teaching timetable. Added to this will be collaborative teaching, observing lessons and study time. The solo teaching commitment could increase as you gain more skills and knowledge throughout the year. One afternoon per week will be spent at tutorials at Kent and Medway’s Training Centre in Dartford or at one of their local hub centres. For your training, you will be employed by the school and paid a salary for the duration of your training. This will normally be no more than the national “Unqualified Teacher” rate although for some subjects, a significantly enhanced salary could be available. Your training school will also pay your course fees to KMT.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), a qualification recognised throughout England and Wales.  You can choose to study an addition top up of your QTS to the full Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) should you wish. This is validated by the Leeds Beckett University  and entitles you to 60 masters credits should you wish to continue your academic studies. The PGCE top up can be undertaken at any time for up to two years after QTS. This additional fee, £1950 will need to be paid by the trainee.

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