For the recruitment cycle October 2021 to July 2022, MVTP secondary schools are not recruiting any salaried trainees to any of their secondary courses for a September 2022 start.

Very occasionally, a school might request a place much later in the academic year so it is worth referring back to this page from April 2022. However, please be aware that if you are in receipt of a bursary, then the salary that a school would have to pay to match that bursary is the equivalent of a senior teacher’s. As a school is very unlikely to do this, you are advised to follow the non-salaried route which will entitle you to the bursary and access to the student loan which can further enhance your personal finances by covering the cost of your training plus up to £12,000+ in maintenance.

If it is a subject that does not attract a bursary, then it will still cost a school more to train someone on a salaried training route than it would cost them to employ a newly qualified teacher. Most schools will aim to employ a newly qualified teacher!

Where a school does advertise a salaried position, it is normally because either they already have an existing member of their staff, a teaching assistant for example, that they want to invest in or they need to fill a timetable hole because they have been unable to recruit a qualified teacher into that role.


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